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The Science of Sugar Addiction & The Fifth Taste

SciShow News explores new research in the world of food, including insights into what causes food addiction, and how a certain flavor might be good for your health.

Largest Charitable Ice Fishing Contest In The World

Check out the largest ice fishing contest in the world. Tens of thousands of people and 30,000 holes drilled on Gull Lake for the event. This was our first time ice fishing and what a great time we had! Everyone cheers for each other every time someone catches a fish. Its really a neat experience everyone should try once! All for a good cause too!

How To Make A Laser Guided Blowgun

Project Inspired By: My 5 year old son. He pulled a piece of PVC pipe out of the garbage and asked if we could make a project with it. A blowgun was the first idea that came to mind, and quickly snowballed into a really awesome project idea! Read the rest of this entry

25 Science “Facts” That Were Proven Wrong

We’re taught loads of scientific facts formally or informally from an early age. And they’re all said to be true and reinforced by our common sharing of them. As time progresses, scientists use new methods to find some of those facts (or, in some cases, rumors that are so pervasive they enter the common psyche as perceived true facts) wrong. In this list, we break down some so-called “facts” we believed to be true and show what the science really says.

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