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Meanwhile in Dubai.. Lamborghini is on fire after exhaust flames

Biker’s Epic Fail As An Unexpected GoPro Commercial

Close to Home | It Can Wait

Teenagers Texting, Driving, And Crashing Should Scare You

Real Life “GTA” In Beijing Will Remind You Of A Wild Animal That Has Been Cornered


Terrifying Helmet Cam Footage Shows When Skydiver Has Seizure

Footage Shows The Moment The TransAsia Flight GE235 Hits The Bridge

At least 13 people are reported killed after a regional airliner with 58 on board came down in Keelung River in Taipei. A further 18 are injured and 31 are missing.


150 Car Pile-Up on Michigan Highway

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Risky Attacks Gone Wrong in MMA

Sniper Troll

Light aircraft crash

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Lucky People Compilation

Lucky or what?

Stop Bleeding Instantly!