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“The Mountain” From “Game Of Thrones” Breaks A 1000-Year-Old World Record!

A thousand years after the stories tell of Orm Storolfson who carried the mast of the viking ship Ormen Lange on his own shoulders, Hafthór Björnsson was the first to carry the 640 kg log for a mere five steps – as the first to do so since the viking days.

Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

Internationally renowned ice climber Will Gadd takes ice climbing to the next level by scaling the frozen sections of the world’s largest flowing waterfall, Niagara Falls. Gadd, a world-renowned ice climber and paraglider from Alberta, Canada, has traveled to the ends of the earth to find the world’s most challenging climbs, but Niagara Falls, one of his home country‘s most iconic landmarks, is a lifelong mission that he previously thought impossible…until now.

Largest Charitable Ice Fishing Contest In The World

Check out the largest ice fishing contest in the world. Tens of thousands of people and 30,000 holes drilled on Gull Lake for the event. This was our first time ice fishing and what a great time we had! Everyone cheers for each other every time someone catches a fish. Its really a neat experience everyone should try once! All for a good cause too!

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